Based in Paris, Mansour Martin is founded on the principles of respect, humility and multicultural explorations, with no boundaries.

The artistic directors, Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard, are Belgian and they met over 10 years ago in the city of Brussels. Passionate by clothes, pop culture, design and urban life evolution, they have imagined a concept of a brand which reflects their own vision of doing fashion: 

To imagine stories around each project. Create stories is at the heart of the process for their work where collaborations, innovations and multidisciplinary arts methods co-exist.

To analyze identities, shake them and build new territories. They think and create a wardrobe for all genders. An easygoing mix for all identities, everywhere. All clothes are unisex.

To work with a global conscience, by thinking about how to improve things in a better way, in our everyday life. The clothes are made in Europe with the most qualitative fabrics, in a transparent production process. The goal is to become a conscious fashion brand, focused on sustainable innovations and solutions. Discover our sustainable approach here.

Mansour Badjoko is graduated from both La Cambre in Brussels and IFM in Paris. Mansour has worked as a stylist for main fashion brands during the last ten years. He has also worked on personal projects such as theatre and dance costumes. He lives in Brussels.
Martin Liesnard is graduated in fashion and design management from the university in Paris. His grandmother, a sewing teacher, introduced him to this discipline when he was four. He has worked in marketing, communication and creative projects management for fashion, entertainment and perfume brands. He lives in Paris.
Today, they combine their respective knowledge as an artistic duo through the project Mansour Martin.